MS Excel Charts and Reporting

Course Content

Lesson 1: Creating Charts

  1. Understanding Chart Types
  2. Creating a Chart
  3. Changing the Chart Type
  4. Modifying Chart Elements & Formatting Chart Elements
  5. Adding and Removing a Data Series
  6. Applying a Chart Filter

Lesson 2: Working with Charts

  1. Creating a Hierarchy Chart
  2. Creating a Histogram, Pareto Chart & Box and Whisker Chart
  3. Creating a Waterfall Chart, Combo Chart & Sparkline
  4. Creating and Using a Chart Template & Dashboard

Lesson 3: Using Styles, Themes, and Templates

  1. Working with Cell Styles, Merging Styles Using Themes
  2. Working with Cell Styles, Merging Styles Using Templates
  3. Creating a Template

Lesson 4: Working with Formatting

  1. Creating and Using Custom Formats
  2. Applying Conditional Formatting
  3. Creating a New Conditional Formatting Rule
  4. Working with Conditional Formatting Rules
  5. Using the Quick Analysis Tool

Lesson 5: Using Print Options

  1. Using Print Areas
  2. Creating and Using a Range Name for Printing
  3. Working with Print Settings
  4. Using Page Setup Tools, Page Break Preview, Print Titles & Headers and Footers
  5. Printing Gridlines and Row and Column Headings
  6. Using Custom Worksheet Views

Lesson 6: Using Excel Data in Other Office Applications

  1. Understanding Pasting, Linking and Embedding
  2. Pasting an Excel Range into a Word Document
  3. Pasting an Excel Chart into a Word Document
  4. Pasting an Excel Range into PowerPoint
  5. Pasting an Excel Chart into PowerPoint
  6. Creating a Chart in Word or PowerPoint