MS Access Introduction

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Access

  1. Orientation to Microsoft Access
  2. Create a Simple Access Database
  3. Get Help and Configure Options in Microsoft Access

Lesson 2: Working with Table Data

  1. Modify Table Data
  2. Sort and Filter Records

Lesson 3: Querying a Database

  1. Create Basic Queries
  2. Sort and Filter Data in a Query
  3. Perform Calculations in a Query

Lesson 4: Using Forms

  1. Create Basic Access Forms
  2. Work with Data on Access Forms

Lesson 5: Generating Reports

  1. Create a Report
  2. Add Controls to a Report
  3. Enhance the Appearance of a Report
  4. Prepare a Report for Print
  5. Organize Report Information
  6. Format Reports

Lesson 6: Designing a Relational Database

  1. Relational Database Design
  2. Create a Table & relationships

Lesson 7: Sharing Data Across Applications

  1. Import Data into Access
  2. Export Data to Text File Formats
  3. Export Access Data to Excel
  4. Create a Mail Merge